Sunday, May 10, 2009

Between Adventures

I didn't go on an adventure this past weekend, other than taking our kids to a birthday party. I did learn a lesson about buying mountain bikes, though. We had bought a bike at a general retail store (Canadian Tire) instead of going to a specialty bike shop because they had some good brand bikes at 50% off.

The bike, however, broke down within a week. We took it back, they couldn't fix it, so they gave us a new one. This one broke too. Since I'm not a bike expert, I asked my friend Andrew to take a look at it. Apparently, whoever assembled the bike at the store did a pretty poor job with the gears and the chain, and that was causing the problem. We ended up returning the bike. Next time, I'll go to a real bicycle shop and take Andrew with me.

Although there was not an adventure this week, I still want to share a bit of beautiful Vancouver Island with you. Here are some pictures that my wife took during a recent business trip to Victoria.

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