Monday, May 25, 2009

Adventure Previews

I had the chance of a cool adventure this weekend but ended up not taking it. We were at Horne Lake, where you can do caving, kayaking and canoeing, but we decided to simply hike and leave the caving for some other time, when my buddy Andrew (who's a cave tour guide at the park) is free to take us there and not busy in training.

Anyway, we had a chance to walk around the Lake and take some amazing pictures. We love it here so much that my wife and I have started a company to do outdoor events and team building activities on Vancouver Island. The company is called BU Group, and you can check out the Web site here.  

We are partnering with several awesome venues on VI to take groups of people and do cool outdoor stuff. Horne Lake is one of those places, so I'll give you a preview of that with some pictures below. 

Another place is Wild Play Element Parks, where you can do Bungy Jumping, and some amazing things in their Tree Course. You'll feel like Tarzan (or Jane!)

So in the future, I'll have something to tell about my adventures in those places, but for now, this is just a preview of what's coming. Hey, and if you are planning to come to Vancouver Island just let us know and we'll take you in some wild outdoor adventure.

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