Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adventure 03: Drumberg Park

This adventure didn't require much adrenaline or special skills. This was smooth and easy. Just a walk in a beautiful provincial park in Gabriola Island.

Here, it's more about watching than it is about doing. I actually spotted a couple of eagles, two snakes and some other sea creatures. Here are some pictures of the scenery:

Something I found interesting about this park is that it lacks the big parking lot and the paved entrance with flashing signs of most parks in the US. The entrance was actually marked by a sign carved in wood by a road that looked more like a hiking trail than the motor vehicle entry--a narrow mud road lined by a forest of majestic trees. It was cool.

Once you get to the beach, there are all sorts of things to explore...

I think I'll explore some other parks in Vancouver Island in the future. My buddy Andrew is a guide at Horne Lake, and he can take us into the caves.... sounds cool, eh?

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